Monday, November 10, 2008

On my way back home

The warmth within was melting my pain,

my eyes alone a victim, with tears unrestrained.

With the furnace at home feeding the tears,

my memories of her would I let go, in the heat of this soulless fire.

Battering the cold, Iam out in the woods.

Looking for a bark that’s lonely like me,

I envied those trees which held on to their leaves.

The dried ones under my feet longed for a burial,

I stepped over each of them, catering to their desire.

Few green alike were still dangling in the breeze,

unwilling to desiccate, how they wished they could trace back their bliss.

Atop a distant hill was one lonely tree,

swaying in solitude with none in the vicinity, he was calling out for a shoulder in me.

At the doorstep of freedom, my tears lay frozen,

with a little  more warmth, destiny would’ve had the hill more closer.

I stopped to realize, I wasn’t going to die,

until I embrace back my love, I wouldn’t let my love leaves dry.

On my way back home, I borrowed a few smiles,

Promising to return them back,

when my lovely love returns to gift me back ‘my smile’.


Shrutisagar said...

Very good effort. Want to debate the choice of a few metaphors ?? Keep writing.

komal said...