Saturday, March 7, 2009

Motherly moments

She wailed and cried, through agony and pain,

yet, pulled him out to feel his heart beat and veins.

In disbelief she froze, cherishing his cries,

a ‘Mother’ just in, a while it took her to realize.

Out of her womb, he cuddled in her arms,

with shivers in the spine, her palms grew warm.

His fingers so tiny, soothing was her face,

he walked across it, leaving behind an angelic trace.

He shrieked in hunger, how would she know?

For a mother she has been, never before.

She fed him from her heart, shying from the world,

he chuckled in delight, when the milk mixed with her tears.

Heaven made way, by the bedside was god,

never to be noticed, today her baby to her was beyond all.

As a son I write, with my mom beside,

these words so true, cause I could see it in her eyes all through.