Saturday, September 27, 2008

Subramanian @ Tilak - on the professional front

Blogging has been around for a long while now. It's only that lazy people like me din't realize it' s reach. Now that I do, I want to talk. To start with I'll let you know about myself. Should I follow Chronology, yes let me start with today.

Subramanian @ Tilak - on the professional front

Iam currently doing my Masters in Electrical & Computer Engg at Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas. Yes, I live in Vegas. It might be difficult to digest, but yeah I study in Vegas, supposedly. I came to the United States on August 8th 2007. I specialize in control systems. My research pivots around controller design (classical, adaptive, non linear) for aircrafts, satellites and underwater vehicles. I also design the website for the University Transportation Commission @ UNLV. This apart, Iam working on Marketing research( Product Placements) with the Marketing dept. Iam the Graduate advisor of IEEE, UNLV and the Vice-President of the Indian Students Association.

Rolling back, I graduated from Mepco Schlenk Engg college, Sivakasi, India with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical & Electronics Engg in May 2006. By the time graduated I saw a huge transformation in my outlook towards life. I had grown in confidence so much that I had the drive to achieve anything I dreamed of. Iam always optimistic about every action of mine. The rage still continues and I dont find myself idle even for a minute. It was IEEE that caressed me, I saw myself grow in the ranks of IEEE @ Mepco when I finally became its Chairman in May 2005.

May 2006 - August 2008 saw an interesting phase in my life. I worked with Tata Consultancy services, Chennai, India as an Assistant Systems Engineer. Thats when I got acquainted with a whole bunch of great friends, whom I still treasure, forever. For a brief while I was in 'God's own country' Trivandrum, India with TCS, but as a trainee then. Thats when I started wearing a tie regularly, thats when I saw the transition, I sweat for my money and I was getting ready to gel with the industry to make my mark.

Well, all through my schooling I always maintained a low profile, unfortunately or fortunately Iam not low profile anymore. My network of contacts and friendship circle has grown manifolds. I hardly used to speak up when in school. Never did I venture out of my studies. I hardly soiled my clothes in the play grounds. There was nothing spectacular then. It was a simple ordinary life which lacked vision, zest and passion. Every word above is just the opposite now.

For almost 8 years we were in Mumbai. The life there taught me Hindi, which now is one my asests. I was forced out of my shell. I could see my comfort zone getting broadened. I had studied in Chandulal Nanavati Vinay Mandir, Vile Parle. Life was quick there, thats when I started to run in life rather than just walk and Iam still running, faster now.

I was born in Chennai, India on November 4th, 1984 at the Isabella hospital. I started my schooling in a rustic town called Dharapuram, Tamil Nadu. My father was working there then. Then we moved to Chennai. Couple of years in Chennai, then off we were to Mumbai.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Words that propose love

You never came to live, you never left to stay,
still you leave an impact, and that's me to the world today.
Did you like me, yes, you do still,
and me, as always, I will.
More than a friend, you are a phenomenon,
mightier than any mortal, you are a feeling.
Always with me, not beside but within,
you aren't a trend, but a phase of my life.
If all I have written is dramatic, than I am only being modest,
'cause what you are to me, is still not discussed.
Yes, an indelible asset.
This ink might blot, the paper may crumble,
but my 'friend', to me, would remain eternal.

Smitten by love

Years it might take to bring about a change,

years it might take to realize, to repent,

it just took me a while to feel sorry,

cause, if at all there is tomorrow,

I din’t want to be one of your worries.

Years it might take to see the differences,

a little longer to be indifferent,

it just took me a while to see the gap,

cause, if at all there was a future,

I believed our love will eternally overlap.

Years it takes to cement the trust,

years it takes to exhibit the zest,

what does it take to see through the rest,

if at all love,

I have loads for you, to see us through.

Years its been,

since then I have loved none, but you,

years ago I loved myself, not anymore without you,

forever I should live, to treasure our love,

an orphan it is now without me and you.


24 today, I write of life,

little I have seen, to claim this opine,

life ahead, is a slave of destiny,

the journey so far, life, a blessing than any.


Parents to us, are Adam and Eve,

symbol of their love is you and me.

To see us smile, they stretch a mile,

to absorb our tears, our burden they buy.

Piles of worries droop their shoulders,

still, as we lean, they gleam, robustly beam.

Often when we chide, they act so numb,

our innocence they perceive, wipes their frown.

Our dream, our desires, an expensive quest,

through the tunnel, for a light, their sacrifices they hide.

In money we swell, in might we dwell,

with nurtured wings, swiftly we fly.

Black it was, now grey, their hair,

moments of your success, they cherish with pride.

Never will they ask, for your love and care,

today on, let them be your kids, parent this divine pair.

While it was a storm

While it was a storm, I took her hand,

holding tight, I promised I’ll be along.

Why not a walk when the day was calm,

my answers lie in the storm, in the walk along.

Every speck of sand that blew, rubbed me hard.

The gushing winds jeered and mocked.

Draped by me, she wondered,

why my aegis, why my clout.

Hadn’t she a clue, of the bulging storm,

in spite of her suffocation, I held her tightly in my palm.

In a tussle amongst interest and interference,

my angel, thought Iam the latter,

when still, my answers lie in the storm, in the walk along.

Ripping below, uprooting around, merciless was the storm,

she was safe, but her tempers warm.

Still hand in hand, when she said,

blame the water, blame the sand,

castles on the shore, weren’t to stand.

Shattered a million, I walked along,

few tears that rolled, were robbed by the storm.

Still hand in hand.

Kissing us goodbye, it blessed us with calm,

I eased my palm, to realize,

with the storm, she too was gone.

Never to return, to listen,

what I had to say after the storm.

In love I succeeded, only to lose her,

In love I failed, only to lose her,

always a paradox,

Iam still writing.

I believe I can win

Once a toddler, one day I started walking, I won then.

In love for a candy, I once stole a penny,

sweeter than the candy, was my confession to my dad, I won then.

Overcoming fear, I jumped into the water,

suddenly I found myself swimming, I won then.

Once a loner, one day I made friends, I won then.

Someday, when people mocked at me, I laughed with them, I won then.

While running a marathon, I was a mile behind the slowest,

Though the last to attain glory, I still won then.

One night with tears rolling, I thought to myself,

Still there is morning, tomorrow,

Before it even dawned, I found myself smiling again, I won then.

One Monday at work, I got yelled at,

Before it was evening, I got my paycheck,

With the job not done yet,

They said, we believe in your persistence,

We believe that you’ll light Tuesday up, I won then.

If winning is impossible, I still believe I can win,

if winning is only for the privileged, I still believe I can win,

howsoever big my failures were, I was learning,

howsoever trivial my successes, I kept winning,

if Iam born for a purpose, I believe the purpose is, ‘Winning’.