Friday, July 24, 2009

Soulful thoughts in a lonely heart

It’s been a while and I miss you dear,

It’s been a while since I let anyone near.

It’s been so long that I picked a flower,

It’s been so long that I sang during a morning shower.

It looked like dew, for a moment was it you,

It looked so beautiful, but never prettier than you.

In the muddy murky water, I looked for the azure skies,

If it wasn’t to be blue, why cast the blame on me and you.

The stream by the roadside was struggling for a path,

It was lucky to seep through, and I have been trying so hard.

Iam lost looking within, where else would I go,

ahead lies life, that I pretend not to know.

I bowed before the birds, to chirp a little sweeter,

I pleaded with the roses to hold their dew little longer.

I prayed for a serene morning, greener than ever it had to offer,

to help me put to rest this poem, without having to wander any farther.