Sunday, September 14, 2008

Words that propose love

You never came to live, you never left to stay,
still you leave an impact, and that's me to the world today.
Did you like me, yes, you do still,
and me, as always, I will.
More than a friend, you are a phenomenon,
mightier than any mortal, you are a feeling.
Always with me, not beside but within,
you aren't a trend, but a phase of my life.
If all I have written is dramatic, than I am only being modest,
'cause what you are to me, is still not discussed.
Yes, an indelible asset.
This ink might blot, the paper may crumble,
but my 'friend', to me, would remain eternal.


Ramya B S said...

wow.... nice one thr.....
உன் வாழ்வில் ஒரு பொருளாய் நான்...
என் வாழ்வின் பொருளே நீ!!!!
luv is obviously an eternal bliss.... isnt it??

Whatever it takes, Write... said...

Yeah ramya..Its so is indeed a blessing, bliss