Sunday, September 14, 2008

I believe I can win

Once a toddler, one day I started walking, I won then.

In love for a candy, I once stole a penny,

sweeter than the candy, was my confession to my dad, I won then.

Overcoming fear, I jumped into the water,

suddenly I found myself swimming, I won then.

Once a loner, one day I made friends, I won then.

Someday, when people mocked at me, I laughed with them, I won then.

While running a marathon, I was a mile behind the slowest,

Though the last to attain glory, I still won then.

One night with tears rolling, I thought to myself,

Still there is morning, tomorrow,

Before it even dawned, I found myself smiling again, I won then.

One Monday at work, I got yelled at,

Before it was evening, I got my paycheck,

With the job not done yet,

They said, we believe in your persistence,

We believe that you’ll light Tuesday up, I won then.

If winning is impossible, I still believe I can win,

if winning is only for the privileged, I still believe I can win,

howsoever big my failures were, I was learning,

howsoever trivial my successes, I kept winning,

if Iam born for a purpose, I believe the purpose is, ‘Winning’.

1 comment:

Varsha said...

I adore this poem for it gives me so much of confidence to win !! Ever on ever up !!