Sunday, September 14, 2008


24 today, I write of life,

little I have seen, to claim this opine,

life ahead, is a slave of destiny,

the journey so far, life, a blessing than any.


Parents to us, are Adam and Eve,

symbol of their love is you and me.

To see us smile, they stretch a mile,

to absorb our tears, our burden they buy.

Piles of worries droop their shoulders,

still, as we lean, they gleam, robustly beam.

Often when we chide, they act so numb,

our innocence they perceive, wipes their frown.

Our dream, our desires, an expensive quest,

through the tunnel, for a light, their sacrifices they hide.

In money we swell, in might we dwell,

with nurtured wings, swiftly we fly.

Black it was, now grey, their hair,

moments of your success, they cherish with pride.

Never will they ask, for your love and care,

today on, let them be your kids, parent this divine pair.

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