Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking along

It is an every other Sunday,
Why should I wake up,
When it’s the only day, I can dream of her all day,
when I can revisit those long forgotten joyous days.

It was an every other Sunday,
Until they realized it was Valentine’s Day.
I shrugged not to bother, until,
When the lights went off, I unceasingly wept and wept,
when my hands got tired wiping the tears away.

It was an every other Sunday,
until the door bell rang.
A gorgeous lady with desperately waiting flowers, on seeing me said,
“Oh! Sorry, to have pressed the wrong bell. Besides, have a good day”.

It was an every other Sunday,
when I had the phone charged all day.
Hoping she would call,
I helplessly watched the minutes turn hours, to be a very soon Monday.

Unlike all other Sundays,
today I look back too far,
when once fear and sweat, had reigned my blood,
heart and thoughts in unison had said, “My love”,
to someone, whose absence this moment is the way of life today.
Whose absence since then has kept my smiles miles away.


sharat said...

Sooper life was once similar to this....waiting infact everyday for calls or sms or even a chance to meet...but neways gone r dose days....its time to njoy n get back d lost happiness!!!

Subu @ Tilak said...

thanks machan...the best part is that so many of them cud relate this to their lives and its most satisfying when they care to let me know that this happened it their lives long as godha is there the'll be no shortage of happiness machan :)

Jeyaganesh T S said...

Super subbu.

Subu @ Tilak said...

Thanks Jeyaganesh !!!

RM.VIVEK said...

a gorgeous lady........a gud day

these lines wer brilliant...i guess u had a romantic past?