Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writing heals !!!

Beauty of poetry lies in the heart,

mistaken are many, it’s not an art.

Hours long that you cry, if you could write,

tears would dry, before your eyes realize.

Moments that you smile, if you can inscribe,

It’ll cease to exist, not after you even die.

In your pen lies some peace,

once into words, the pain will freeze.

Out in the dark take a walk,

look up the sky and the moon will talk.

Find some grass behind some wood,

decide to be alone, but not to cry.

Watch your clock all night long,

wait to smile, it won’t take long.

Look for a soul, whose warmth consoles,

read what you wrote, and seal the joy that unfolds.

Carry the paper, carry the pen,

if you forget to smile, then it’s time to write !!!

Carry the smile, carry your life,

if you forget to cry, you might just be right !!!


Shiv said...

loved this...awesome...

Whatever it takes, Write... said...

thnx a lot shiv :-)

RM.VIVEK said...

Finally revealing the secret behind those wonderful poems...just loved tis one!!.

meera said...

soooo gud!!